Seats available in Pre-School = 200

Economically weaker section / Disadvantage group Category. 50 25% of the seats are reserved for candidates belonging to the E.W.S. Category/ Disadvantaged group/Orphan who are eligible as per conditions laid down in Govt. Notification no.15(172)/DE/Act/2010/69 dated 07.01.2011 and subsequent orders.
(Admissions in this category shall be done based on computerized draw to be conducted by DOE and sponsored to the school) 
General (Open ) Seats






75% of the seats are reserved for candidates belonging to the General Category.


(i)                 General Category




The remaining seats which are not covered under above categories shall be filled on 100-point scale based on school specific criteria without any discrimination of Caste / Religion / Region etc.


(ii)               Management Quota  20% 40




(i) (School follows the 100-point scale system.

(ii) Out of the total applications from the distance criteria range and Sibling Criteria admission would be first offered to the candidates attaining maximum points.

(iii) In General Category if there are more than one application attaining the similar number of points, then a draw of lot will be conducted to admit student against the available seat.

(iv) If vacancies remain unfilled after exhausting the applications from the first lot of maximum scorers, the applications from the next lot of maximum scorers shall be considered in the above manner.

The School specific admission criteria has been devised on a 100 point scale to be distributed as under:

1. Distance Criteria



Above 3k.m. upto6k.m.   

Above 6k.m.  







2. Sibling studying in School


3. First Born / Girl Child





 4.1 In case of Distance- As per the area list.

4.2 In case of siblings- Attach/ Enclose self-attested photocopy of the students Identity Card (both sides) and photocopy of the last fee receipt of the sibling students indicating the admission number.

 Siblings – 20 Points
With reference to real sister or brother studying in GD Goenka Public School, Model Town only

EWS & DG Category

The Directorate of Education (D.O.E) will process the applications online for EWS/DG category admission in schools as per the prescribed guidelines from the Department for the School.

Management Quota

The seats under Management quota shall be filled at the discretion of Management.

As per Directorate of Education (D.O.E) Order the child should be at least three (03) years old as on 31st March of the year for admission in Pre-school. However, the child must be less than 04 years old as on 31st March 2022.This includes all the children born between 01.04.2018 & 31.03.2019

Standardized registration forms shall be available Online on the school website and  on payment of Rs.25/- only.

The filled in forms should be deposited through the school website on all working days. The last date for deposit of application form for registration shall be 07th January 2022 (Friday)

  1. Self-attested copy of Birth Certificate.
  • Name of the child must be endorsed in the birth certificate duly counter signed by the Registrar of Birth.
  1. Proof of Residence required. (Self-Attested)
  • Voter Id (EPIC) of any of the parent.


  • Copy of a Passport in the name of any parent.


  1. In case of Sibling.
  • Photocopy of the fee receipt of last quarter (paid).


  • Identity card of the student studying issued by the school.


  1. In case of First Born.
  • Self -Attested Declaration duly signed by both the parents.


  1. Copy of Aadhar Card of Parent. 
  • Duly Self Attested.


  1. Copy of Aadhar Card of the child applying for.
  • Duly Self Attested by both the parents.


  1. Original Medical Fitness Certificate.
  • A medical Fitness Certificate declaring that the ward is physically/mentally fit to join the School which should be duly signed by the Doctor along with the stamp and with his registration number.

The admission shall be made without any discrimination of caste/religion/region etc. by the admission committee under the Chairmanship of the Principal.

No interview or interaction shall be held with the candidates or parents.

Commencement of Admission Process: 15th December 2021

Availability and submission of Forms

15th December 2021 (Wednesday) – 07th January 2022 (Friday)

Offline- 10:00 AM to 01:00 PM (Monday – Friday)

Saturday- 10:00 AM to 02:00PM

Last Date for submission and availability of Forms.

07th January 2022 (Friday)

10:00 AM to 02:00 PM


Minimum Age of the student for 2022-23 session

03 years as on 31.03.2022

List of eligible candidates under point system shall be displayed on Notice Board as well on the school website.  

28th January 2022 (Friday)

Resolution of queries of parents, if any (by written/verbal interaction/email ), regarding allotment of points in the first list will be considered

28th January 2022 (Friday) to 02nd  February 2022 (Wednesday)



10:00 AM. to 01:00 PM.

First draw of lot for Nursery Admission shall take place in presence of parents.  

04th February 2022 (Friday)


10:00 AM



Display of 1st List.

04th February 2022 (Friday)

Fees of selected students of 1st list can be deposited.

04th February 2022 (Friday) to 12th February 2022 (Saturday)

Till 02:00 PM


Cancellation of admission for 1st list students

15th February 2022 (Tuesday)

Till 02:00 PM


Fees of first Waiting list can be deposited

16th February 2022 (Wednesday) to 18th February 2022 (Friday)

10:00 AM to 02:00 PM

Resolution of queries of parents in the 2nd list, if any (by written/verbal interaction/ email, regarding allotment of points in the second list will be considered.  


16th February 2022 (Wednesday) to 18th February 2022 (Friday).




10:00 AM to 01:00 PM

Draw of 2nd list of general category (if any) will be held.

21st February 2022 (Monday)

10:00 AM


Fees of selected students of 2ndlist can be deposited

21st February 2022 (Monday) to 28th February 2022 (Monday)


Till 02:00 PM

Cancellation of admission for 2nd list students.

02nd March 2022

10:00 Am to 02:00 PM

Subsequent list of Admission, if any will be displayed.

15th March 2022 (Tuesday)

Closure of Admission Process

31st March 2022 (Thursday)

S. No. Head Amount
1. Admission Fee (One-Time ) 200/-
2. Caution Money (Refundable) 500/-
3. Orientation Charges (One Time) 6000/-
4. Annual Charges (Per Annum) 20,000/-
5. Development Charges (Per Annum) 16,000/-
6. School Charges (Tuition Fees Per Month) 10,070/-
7. Meal Charges
8. Transport Charges (Optional) As per the distance
  • Meal Charges will be charged once the school reopens.
  • The Transport is subject to availability of routes and seats.



Refund of fee etc. shall be governed as per the school policy displayed on the notice board.