Assembly Schedule for the session-2022-23

• An assembly is when the school community, or a part of it, meets together to share aspects of life that are of worth. It acts as a medium for communicating matters of significance from one generation to another.

• The motive of having an assembly in a school is:

• To develop a feeling of affiliation and unity among students.

• To acquaint students with the school programme more clearly.

• To develop in students a sense of identity with the school.

• To enable students to share their experiences, stories, anecdotes with others.

• To provide them training in good social behaviour desired in public life.

• To motivate students by positive reinforcement in the form of praise or rewards awarded in public

• To facilitate the moral and religious development of students.

• To facilitate national integration and secularism through all-religion prayer meetings among students.

Summer season

 “Rays of sunshine, ice- cream and popsicles, giggles and smiles… it’s summertime.”

 A special assembly was conducted by students of grade KG on theme “Summer season.” The assembly commenced with the morning prayer and “thought of the day.” They were given an introduction about the summer season. Precautionary measures were shared to deal with the scorching heat of the sun and keep us safe by putting sunscreen, sunglasses, hats. They showcased summer appliances and useful products like refrigerator, A.C, cotton clothes, fruits and vegetables and sensitized about their importance and usefulness. They also participated in Show and Tell wherein they spoke about their favorite summer drink. It was an endeavor to inculcate confidence and good communication skills amongst the Goenkans. The assembly was followed by a short story enactment on summer vacations and dance. The assembly concluded with the national anthem.

New Session-2023-24

“Inside every child is a rainbow waiting to shine.”

 The first day of school is like the beginning of all things- wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities. The little Goenkans joined the school with mixed feelings some were excited, some were cheerful, and some were apprehensive while some had a lot to share. Each and every child made beautiful memories for the day. The Fun and frolic days comprised various activities to make the beginning days of school memorable. Little Goenkans enjoyed the first day at school with joyful train ride, hurdle race and clicked their snapshots at the selfie booth. The little Builders also enjoyed building their own tower of number blocks and expressed their imagination through “scribble-doo” wall activity.

Second day also proved to be joyous filled with vigor and enthusiasm where children enjoyed passing the ball activity with the peers. They also enjoyed Mime Time. Hand impression of students were taken as a welcome souvenir. They identified their names and enjoyed tearing and pasting on the outline of their name. All in all, the days were full of energy and utmost love and care. It was an amazing experience to welcome the smiling little Goenkans.



Let us unite and paint, the heart with colors of happiness.”

Holi is one of the major festivals of India and is the most vibrant of all. The festival is celebrated across the four corners of India or rather across the globe. The festival is filled with so much fun and frolic that the very mention of the word ‘Holi’ draws smile and enthusiasm amongst the people. Holi also celebrates the arrival of Spring, a season of joy and hopes.

We at GD Goenka Public School Model Town Junior, celebrated this festival with a lot of zeal. We had a colorful time with our kids. At GDGPS, we celebrated the festival in an eco-friendly manner. Children were sensitized about the need to save water.

Children enjoyed making Holi scene in their drawing files. Also, our little Genkan’s enjoyed doing blow printing in the Holi Craft and made colorful greeting card in grades KG and nursery respectively. Children enjoyed playing Holi and wished each other. All students and teachers felt the exuberance of warmth and the joy of vibrant colors applied on them. Children were shown video related to the festival. There was laughter, joy and merry making in the air. They will remember the day, spent cheerfully with joyous colorful memories. It was indeed a fun day and a joyful experience for everyone.



“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”.
Morning Assembly gives a sense of pride to students as they get the best opportunity to overcome their stage fright.

School assemblies play a quintessential role in a student’s life. They get to learn about various important social values through the assemblies. An assembly on the topic ‘PLANTS’ was conducted by the students of Grade KG Asters at GD Goenka Public School Model Town Junior on 2nd February 2023, Thursday. The assembly started with warm welcome by the students followed by chanting of divine Gayatri Mantra and prayer – “God’s Love”.

The story on “Things plant needs to grow” was conducted wherein the students explained the process of germination through chest gears and head gears, followed by a rhyme. Discussion on the edible parts of the plant was done by the students through concrete objects followed by a quiz conducted by the teacher.

The assembly concluded by reciting the National Anthem. All in all, it was an interactive session for our Goenka’s.



ना पूछो जमाने से कि
क्या हमारी कहानी है,
हमारी पहचान तो बस
इतनी है कि हम सब
हिन्दुस्तानी हैं!!

A weeklong celebration was organized at G D Goenka Public School Model Town Junior to celebrate the National Festival of our country India. Following are the day wise activities conducted to celebrate Republic Day.
Day 1:
Discussion about the National festival Republic Day was done through related videos. Importance about this festival and how it is celebrated was taken up.
DAY 2:
Free hand drawing and coloring of Republic Day scene was done in art file. Children also showcased their patriotism by participating enthusiastically in Show ‘n’ tell activity on the topic “National festival Republic Day.”

Day 3:

A special assembly celebrating Republic Day was conducted wherein students of Grade Nursery and KG participated and shared their feelings about the festival. Unfurling of the National Flag was done in the school by Children were excited to take the Tri color Sun cap as take away. Discussion about the festival Basant Panchami was also taken up through Power point presentation, video and corner set up wherein children offered prayers to Goddess Saraswati.

Day 4:
Discussion about how children celebrated their Republic Day with their family was taken up. Video related to Republic Day celebration was also shown in the class to deliver more knowledge about the same. In all it was a week full of activities depicting patriotism, love and respect for our country by each one of us.




The 74th Republic Day of India was celebrated at GD Goenka Public School Model Town Junior on 25th January 2023 with a great deal of patriotic zeal and fervor. To mark the importance of this day, a small cultural programme was organized in the school premises by our little ones, which included Lord’s prayer, welcome speech, patriotic song, yoga drill, patriotic dance and unfurling the National flag.

The students took pride in glorifying and celebrating the spirit of unity by their performances. The audience were enthralled by the mesmerizing performances of the tiny tots. The children were also briefed about the significance of each color of our national flag where in, Saffron stands for Courage, White stands for Peace and Green stands for Prosperity. Children carried the self-made tricolor sun cap with them as takeaway craft.

The little Goenkans celebrated the day with great enthusiasm honoring the Constitution of India.

Christmas celebration

“Christmas magic is invisible. You don’t see it. You hear it. You taste it. You feel it in your heart.”

Christmas is celebrated on 25 December. It is the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of God. The day of joy, giving and sharing, coming together with family and friends.

A weeklong celebration was conducted from 19.12.2022 to 23.12.2022 at G D Goenka Public School Model Town Junior wherein following day wise activities were conducted.

Day 1: The story of birth of Lord Jesus Saviour of the people was taken up. Discussion on when and how this festival celebrated was done.

Day 2:  Our tiny tots enjoyed drawing and coloring the beautiful Christmas scene in their sketch file.

Day 3:  The school wore a festive look with bells, reindeer with its sleigh and a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. On day three, the essence of Christmas came alive. The delightful celebration included children coming in red, green and white color party dress, bringing their favorite snack, dancing and sharing the merriment together. The spirit of giving and sharing was inculcated among the tiny tots.

Day 4: An assembly was organized where our Goenkan teachers and students showcased a skit based on the birth of Lord Jesus. Christmas songs like ‘Joy to the world’ and ‘I am the happiest Christmas tree” were sung by our little vocalists. Little tapping toes also enjoyed dancing on ‘Jingle bell’ and ‘We wish you a merry Christmas ‘song with full zeal. Dabbing activity in reindeer headgear craft was done and given as a takeaway.

Day 5: Children enjoyed singing and dancing on Christmas songs with Santa. The entry of Santa Claus took everyone by surprise and was the highlight of the day.

All in all it was a fascinating incredible and awesome Christmas week Celebration.


Good habits formed at youth make all the difference.

 With this thought NURSERY TULIPS students presented a beautiful assembly to sensitize the children about the importance of ‘Good Habits’ on 24th Nov’2022, Thursday. They emphasized on the fact that one becomes what she/he repeatedly does, so if we form good habits, we become good.

The students effectively conveyed the message through a small skit and spoke about good habits like following cleanliness routines, being kind and caring, never waste food and keeping the surrounding clean. They urged everyone to shed away bad habits and form good ones. Students sang melodiously ‘Good Habits’ song. Students were happy to learn and promised to follow good habits regularly. The assembly was culminated with a special dance on ‘Follow the rules at school ‘and ‘National Anthem’



 ‘Save our world, save our future. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

To sensitize our students about the dangers meted out to ‘Mother Earth’, an assembly was conducted by the students of grade KG Roses on the topic “SAVE ENVIRONMENT “on 23rd Nov’22. The assembly commenced with the Morning Prayer, weather forecast and ‘Thought for the day’ which enriched the student’s knowledge.

It highlighted the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy environment on earth and conserving its resources. The children highlighted how small steps can lead to big changes. Through an absorbing enactment the children showcased how throwing waste in water, cutting trees to build malls or polluting the surroundings is destroying our future. They stressed on the need to pick up and dispose waste appropriately and suggested means to conserve water and petrol. Carpooling was recommended as one of the measures to conserve energy. The assembly was a wake-up call and exhorted everybody to take the utmost care of nature – its water, trees, electricity, etc. The assembly was followed by a song- “The Earth is my home”. It ended with a pledge to make the earth a better place to live in. Each student performed exceptionally and demonstrated his/her growing self-confidence and ability to communicate. The assembly concluded with the national anthem, and we are sure that our young minds are on the right path to do their bit for the Mother Earth. A truly successful endeavor


“Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours.”

We human beings are social in nature. We need helpers who help us directly or indirectly in many ways by keeping this in mind our little blooming flowers of Nursery Daffodils presented class assembly on “Community Helpers” at GD Goenka Public School Model Town Junior on 17.11.2022.

From cleaning up our mess, to safety first and check-up today, our community helpers play a key role in making things better for us and keep us healthy, safe and clean. The assembly commenced with Morning Prayer followed by rhymes. Children dressed up themselves as different helpers and talked about their role and the tools they use. A brainstorming session was conducted post assembly to recall the understanding of little minds. The little tapping toes then presented a dance performance on community helpers.  The assembly culminated with the rendition of the National Anthem.




“A warm smile is the universal language of kindness”.
Morning Assembly brings entire school together as a family. It is the beginning of each day which establishes a positive tone for teachers and students and encourages positive involvement of all students in running of the assembly. Morning Assembly gives a sense of pride to students as they get the best opportunity to display their hidden talents. The focus is to acknowledge and honor students for their accomplishment as well as motivate them to be active participant of the school family.

School assemblies play a quintessential role in a student’s life. They get to learn about various important social values through the assemblies. Facilitated by their mentor, today’s morning assembly was based on ‘World Kindness Day’ and was conducted by KG ORCHIDS at GD Goenka Public School Model Town. The assembly started with warm welcome by students of KG Orchids to the teachers and their fellow mates followed by chanting of divine gayatri mantra, thought of the day and weather report and prayer – “God’s Love”. Students discussed about meaning of kindness and ways to show their kindness to others was well showcased through actions and dance. It was indeed a soul-stirring presentation that touched the hearts of everyone present there. It sent across a message that kindness has immense power that does not go unrewarded. The assembly concluded with unison of Goenkans as one and spirit of harmonious mindset thereby singing the National Anthem. It was a delightful and astounding day for the Goenkans.


Children’s Day Celebration 2022

 “The greatest legacy we can leave our children is Happy Memories.”

November 14 reminds us of the birth of Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru, the first prime minister of India. The day marks Chacha Nehru’s devotion to welfare, education and development of children and young people.

This was a day marking childhood. To make this day memorable for our little ones, G D Goenka Public School Model Town Junior celebrated Children’s Day on 14 November 2022 in the school premises. The day focused on children and their enjoyment. The day commemorated with immense joy, enthusiasm and magnificence. The tiny tots of Nursery and KG came dressed up in casual clothes. The celebrations began with the Morning Prayer, followed by Magic show. Magician amazed children by performing various magic tricks which left them spellbound. Children further enjoyed puppetry tale and storytelling session executed by their teachers. The teachers made Children’s Day special for the little Goenka’s by involving them into various games and craft activities to boost their creativity and imagination. Children spread joy and happiness as they are the most beautiful creation of God, keeping the same in mind little Goenka’s distributed eatables among the school helping staff. The students were overwhelmed and enjoyed the day.


Philanthropy isn’t just about big gifts; it’s about participation. It is about the grace that comes from working together.”

Each individual knows the best award that they can achieve is the feeling that you get when you participate which makes everyone a winner. Winning is something but participating is everything. A class assembly was presented by the little Goenkans of Nursery Roses on the topic ‘Letters and numbers” on 10th November 2022 at GD Goenka Public School Model Town Junior. The assembly began by seeking the blessings of the Almighty followed by Om chanting and rhymes. Children enjoyed presenting different letter rhymes and number rhymes. A quiz time was taken up followed by a beautiful group dance performance. All in all, it was a delightful day and the assembly concluded by singing the National Anthem.


A Teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart!”.

Morning assembly undoubtedly holds the numero uno position out of all the routine activities in a school. It hones the skills of children as it’s the first platform which is provided to young minds, boosting their confidence towards public speaking and imbibing a feeling of team spirit in their minds.

Facilitated by their mentor, an assembly was performed by the students of KG Tulips at GD Goenka Public School Model Town which commenced with general discussion on deteriorating condition of our atmosphere due to increase in air pollution followed by warm up exercises and morning prayer. Thereafter, children shared their thoughts on the causes of air pollution and were sensitized towards the need to plant more trees and wearing mask.

Towards the tail end breathing exercises were performed by children along with singing of rhyme on planting TREES and the National Anthem.


“Childhood is a small window of time to learn and develop at the individual pace.”

Morning assemblies undoubtedly hold a significant position out of all the routine activities in school. It’s the first platform which is provided to young minds, boosting their confidence towards public speaking and imbibing a feeling of team spirit in their nascent minds. The little blooming flowers of Nursery Orchids presented a mélange of thoughts in their assembly on “Japan- The land of Rising Sun’ at GD Goenka Public School Model Town Junior on 3.11.2022.

The assembly commenced with Morning Prayer followed by rhymes. Children presented facts about the country and showcased the various National symbols that exemplify the rich heritage of the country. Children dressed themselves up in Kimonos, traditional dress of Japan and showcased their culture. They presented the famous dishes and rich culture of the country. The little tapping toes then presented a dance performance.  The assembly culminated with the rendition of the National Anthem.



“Every child is a flower of its own kind and all together they make this world a beautiful garden”

We take pride in creating an ambience for learning that invigorates and unfolds the true potential of every child, right from the assembly time. We call it- “Praying and paving our way to excellence”. The morning sets the day and the assembly paves the way for our little Goenkans to rejuvenate their spirits, remain rooted to the moral values and unleash their vitality.

School assembly is a medium wherein children are imbibed with social graces and cultural importance. Facilitated by their mentor, an assembly was performed by the students of KG Marigolds at GD Goenka Public School Model Town which started with prayer, om chanting, thought of the day, news, discussion on three modes of transport and rhymes. The assembly concluded with unison of Goenkans as one and spirit of harmonious mindset thereby singing the National Anthem. It was a blissful and stupendous day for the Goenkans.


Let us move from untruth to truth and from darkness to light.’

Diwali celebrations at school often mean a festive look with Diya’s and lanterns adorning
the class. The activities permeate the school premises with an atmosphere of
togetherness and hope. The students of Gd Goenka Public School Junior celebrated the
festival of Diwali with great enthusiasm and fervor.

Day 1 (17.10.2022)

The teachers discussed the significance of the festival “Diwali”. They also
discussed why and how Diwali is observed throughout India. Along with educating
kids on the negative impacts of fireworks, they also provided advice on how to
celebrate Diwali in an environmentally sustainable way. The kids enjoyed the story about Diwali.

Day 2 (18.10.2022)

Children were mesmerized creating lantern crafts using decorative material and by
doing finger printing.

Day 3 (19.10.2022)

This Diwali lets be Vocal for Local. Children were encouraged to use earthen Diya’s,
jute bags made in India. Children enjoyed molding Diya’s using the potter’s clay.
They were excited to learn the art of pottery to shape their own little Diya’s.
The children also created Diwali scene in their art files thus, showcasing their artistry skills.

Day 4 (20.10.2022)

Children loved decorating the Diya’s by painting them with vibrant colors and
pasted decorative materials thus learning the significance of lighting Diya’s on
Diwali. Children of Grade Nursery enjoyed making Diwali cards for their loved ones.

Day 5 (21.10.2022)

An assembly was organized for our little Goenkans in which the festival of light was celebrated with great enthusiasm at the school. The tiny tots showed the dance moves, sang song, recited shlokas and various other cultural programs were held. Lanterns, Diya’s and Diwali cards were given as token of love.


Goal of the month: No Poverty Zero Hunger

Week long activities of Sustainable development goals were conducted from 10.10.2022-14.10.2022 at G D Goenka Public School Model Town Junior wherein discussion about the various sustainable goals and activities were taken up.  

Day 1 (10.10.2022)

Goal of the day was “I will sit less and stand more this week” wherein children of Grade Nursery practiced various yoga asana and warm up exercises to keep their mind and body fit and the children of Grade KG enjoyed number game.

Day 2 (11.10.2022)

Goal of the day was “I will go to the doctor for all checkups”. Discussion about maintaining good heath and visiting the doctor for regular checkups was taken up.

  हिन्दी दिवस (2022)

 “हिन्दी से हिन्दुस्तान हैं,

तभी तो हिन्दी हमारी शान हैं I”

Language and culture of any country plays an important role in making people to connect with the other people and helps in making a strong nation. Hindi is a language of love, togetherness and brotherhood. HINDI DIWAS is celebrated on 14th  September by little Goenkans with great pride and vigor.

Rhyme Recitation is an art of expression of thoughts and understanding towards a language. Keeping the same thought in mind and to inculcate love for Hindi language in our kids, the ‘कविता वाचन‘ activity was held in the Nursery wing and ‘आओ कहानी बुने’  activity was held in KG classes where children mesmerized everyone by their jubilant and humorous poems and stories. They enthralled everyone with their articulation and memory skills while reciting rhymes.


“गुरू ब्रह्मा गुरू विष्णु, गुरु देवो महेश्वरा

गुरु साक्षात परब्रह्म, तस्मै श्री गुरुवे नमःI”

 A teacher is the eternal Guru and guide who shows us the right path to success and has shaped generations from time in memorial. Teachers can inspire hope ignite imagination and in still love for learning. To honor the hard work and the determination towards the profession, GD Goenka model Town celebrated Teachers Day on 5th September 2022 with great enthusiasm. The day started with the prayer followed by  life story of  D.R Radhakrishnan which was illustrated through a PPT and also discussion on why Teacher’s Day is celebrated throughout India. After this, the little going surprised that teachers by singing several poems and a stupendous card to showcase their gesture love respect and gratitude. In the end, all the students thank all the teachers for providing their valuable support.



To recognize the various mode of transport and to understand the transportation system of our country, transportation day was celebrated by our little Goenkans of the kindergarten on 23rd September’22. The children brought along either props or headgears of a mode of transport and showed it eagerly to the class as they spoke a few sentences on it. They were more than excited to see the different modes of transport whilst learning a lot of new and interesting things about the different modes of transportation.

 They were made aware of the traffic rules to be followed while travelling on road like: use of a helmet, the license and various emergency vehicles like ambulance, fire brigade etc. The teachers contributed their share of valuable information with their students thus bringing to an end an interesting and fun filled class event. Curious moments captured are shared for you!


Sustainable Developmental Goals are a guide to maintain overall balance and progress in the society. They aim at developing and maintaining the highlighted goal in conscience with the society. Goenkan students celebrated SDG WEEK from 19th September – 23rd September highlighting the development goal of Quality education and climate action. Different activities were taken up grade wise and the whole week was integrated with different pledge each day. Children were inducted with the habit of eating green vegetables every day. Sandwich making activity was conducted by the children of grade KG wherein they made: –

Day 1 – I eat green will vegetables at regular time

Children were inducted with the habit of eating green vegetables every day. Sandwich
making activity was conducted by the children of grade KG wherein they made sandwiches with green vegetables. A Takeaway craft of green vegetable with coloring was done by grade Nursery.

Day 2 – I will go this weekend without spending

Different ways of saving money were briefed to the children according to their appropriate age level like not buying toys every time they go for shopping, helping the needy people by offering them something to eat from the money saved etc. For illustrating this goal further, Piggy bank was shown to them and saving even a penny by putting it in piggy bank was demonstrated.

Day 3 – I will engage in self – initiated laughter

Practicing yoga for 15 minutes daily was reiterated to the children. They were told to visit park on holidays and indulge in laughter yoga. Every child was made to perform few yoga asanas in school to gain good health.

Day 4 – I will practice morning meditation

Different breathing exercises along with om chanting was performed by the Goenkans. They were illustrated with the benefits of doing various breathing exercises to relax, calm, gain mental peace and increase concentration.

Day 5 – I will read a book from an author I’ve never heard of

Children were taken to the library and were asked to choose their favorite age-appropriate book by any author. It was a treat to the eyes to see them glance and read various pictorial books.


Festivals bring joy and happiness. Keeping up with the tradition of celebrating all the festivals with great joy and to acquaint the students with the rich culture and heritage of India, Baisakhi celebrations were held on 13TH April’22, Wednesday in GD Goenka Junior premises.

The students were briefed about various aspects of the festival of harvest and a PowerPoint presentation, highlighting the significance of Baisakhi was also shown to the students in their respective classrooms. The children enjoyed making corncob craft by doing bubble wrap dabbing and had lots of fun dancing on the beats of dhol.


“Take care of Earth and she will take care of you”

Earth Day is celebrated every year on 22nd April to increase public awareness towards the earth’s sustainable environment. Earth Day highlights the importance of environmental protection for the survival of humanity.


On the occasion of earth day, the little eco warriors of Goenka celebrated a fun filled week at GD Goenka Public School Model Town from 18.04.22 to 22.04.22 wherein they took their foot forward by pledging to keep their environment and mother Earth clean and green.

Little eco warriors of Goenka- The front runners in a clean and green Goenkan Drive.

Day 1 (18.04.22) – The first day of the Earth week began with a small discussion on the need to keep the Earth a happy place to live. Our little Goenkans participated in save energy activity which was a hands on learning experience for them. They were infused with the thought of switching off the lights and fans while not in use or leaving the place.

Day 2 (19.04.22)Further embarking on the second day of the Earth week, children participated in save water activity wherein they were encouraged to close the water tap while not in use and to take bath from the bucket and not shower, water the plants with a mug and not a pipe.

Day 3 (20.04.22)The third day was one of its kind wherein the little Goenkans were made to understand the importance of planting trees and saving the nature through discussion and video. Also, coloring in flower activity along with play dough activity was conducted.

Day 4 (21.04.22)On fourth day of the Earth week, the kids understood the importance of keeping the environment clean and tidy through a Goenkan cleaning drive – Lets clean our surroundings, classroom, home, room , toy shelf etc.. Moving forward on this thought story narration was also taken up.

Day 5 (22.04.22)Earth day was celebrated in a special way with our little Goenkans . They all were excited to start the day with different activities. All of them participated in the craft activity wherein they did finger printing to make a beautiful Earth, Sow a seed activity was also taken up which added to make the celebration even more special. Watering the plants and taking a pledge to keep our Earth a better and happy place to live in was evoked by our Goenkans.

Lets all join hands with our Goenkans and take a small step forward.


SDG (JULY 2022)

Sustainable Development Goals week was celebrated   with joyful and creative activities by young Goenkans on theme “Responsible Consumption”.


SDG are the World’s to do list for everyone to save our planet Earth and secure a better future.

“Turn off the light make the future bright”

To sensitize Goenkan students on topic save electricity, a takeaway craft of mobile phone with finger printing activity, was done by grade Nursery. For grade Kindergarten children made head gears and learnt to save energy and electricity by switching off the lights and fans when not in use.

Go Green” Grow more trees and say no to deforestation was the pledge taken by the children of both the grades and they enjoyed coloring in a takeaway sapling craft.

Say No to plastic and lets make our life is fantastic”- To prevent excessive and unnecessary waste and to limit the consumption of non-renewable resources the young Goenkan made a resolution to carry a reusable water bottle whenever they step out.

“Disconnect to Connect”– An interactive discussion about optimum use of internet was conducted through story telling wherein, children learnt to save birds and to protect their eye sights from harmful radiations hence connecting more with their family and friends.

“Wipe over wash”– In an effort to make responsible usage of water the children were made to understand to choose wiping the vehicles and toys instead of washing it, hence saving water and making its efficient use would be an achievable target.

Our young Eco warriors of Goenka have adopted the method of “act now” and are ready to take action to make the SD Goals a part of  their daily life.


Janamashtami Celebration Grade: Nursery & KG

Janamashtami is celebrated as the birth of Lord Krishna.

To seek the blessings, Janamashtami was celebrated at GD Goenka Public School Model Town junior with mirth and joy. The teachers explained the students about the significance of the festival through a story. The students were involved in different activities like flute making, matki craft. Children tapped their feet on the song of lord Krishna and sang bhajans. The little ones visiting the mandir set up, had makhan mishri parshad and celebrated the festival with full zeal and enthusiasm.

Independence Day Celebration Grade: Nursery & KG

“आन देश की शान देश की, देश की हम संतान है, तीन रंगो से रंगा ततरंगा, अपनी ये पहचान है”
It was a memorable day in the history of India when the country got its Independence on August 15, 1947. G D Goenka Public School Junior celebrated 75 years of India’s independence and inculcated the feeling of love of our country.

The entire week was celebrated as “आज़ादी का अमृत महोत्सव”. Following the tri colour theme throughout the week different activities were conducted for the students of Grade Nursery and KG.

On Day 1, the little Goenkan chefs enjoyed making tri colour sandwiches and pinwheel craft.

On Day 2, different tri colour crafts like kite and bouquet of Unity with tulip flowers were made.

On the last day children came dressed up as different Patriotic Heroes and a special assembly was presented by Little Goenkans which started by thanking almighty. The children melodiously sang “I Love my country India”, sang rhyme Hum Bharat Ke Veer Jawan, performed hoopla drill and dance performances. A beautiful skit was also presented on the topic “Swachh Bharat, Swasth Bharat”. The assembly concluded with National Anthem. Indeed, it was a day elation, a day of love and respect for the country, instilling in the Goenkans the value and reverence for the gift of freedom by the great leaders of the country.

Let’s be proud to be an Indian. Jai Hind

Raksha Bandhan Celebration Grade: Nursery & KG

“Rakhi is not merely a silken thread but a tradition that binds brother and sister beautifully in a relationship forever.”

Raksha Bandhan is one of the most endearing way to celebrate bond between brother and sister. G D Goenka Public School Junior celebrated the special and unique bond “Raksha Bandhan” on 10thAugust. The objective behind the celebration was to make the children aware about the virtuous bond of love between a brother and a sister. The creative goenkans of Grade Nursery enjoyed decorating and making colourful rakhis. Keeping the Sustainable Development Goal in mind and the importance of trees in our life, children of Grade KG celebrated Raksha bandhan as Vriksha Bandhan, where they tied Rakhi on the trees taking a pledge to protect trees and our environment. The day was celebrated with full enthusiasm and zeal.



The day marks the importance of friends and friendship in life. Friendship makes the world prosperous and peaceful. It is a key source to maintaining social harmony and generate passion for a better world where all are united for a greater good.

The day was celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm by the students of Grade Kg and Nursery wherein children enjoyed making friendship bands and exchanging it amongst their friends wishing for a happy and a prosperous life. The children were also showed a short story on the importance of friendship in our life. Children practiced the act of Sharing is Caring. Thus, it was a mesmerizing day for our little Goenkans.

Ice Cream Day celebration August 2022

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy Ice-cream And that’s almost the same thing”

 The students of G.D. Goenka Public School, Model Town celebrated Ice cream Day on Wednesday, July 15, 2022. Nothing can be more refreshing and exciting to the children than having their favourite ice cream scoop on a hot scorching summer day and that was mainly the reason for celebrating this special day by the little Goenkans for happiness and sheer fun. Students of grade Kindergarten were served ice-cream in school and were given a chance to dress up and speak about their favourite ice cream/ice cream vendor which marked the day at its best. The children enjoyed the opportunity to participate in ice cream day competition. They also made an ice-cream craft with colored shavings to carry home as a sweet remembrance.

The day was full of excitement, zeal and everything pertaining to the yummy sugary treat.

Ice cream day was also celebrated in grade Nursery where children participated in class discussion about their different flavours. Children enjoyed yummy sugary treat and did tearing and pasting in ice cream cutout. Such celebrations break the monotony of the daily schedule and makes school and learning more interesting for the students.


Mother’s Day Celebration Grade: Nursery & KG

 “No language can express the power, beauty and care of a mother’s love…”

Mother’s day is a celebration honouring the mother of the family, motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society. International Mother’s Day is observed on the second Sunday of May every year. It is often marked by people sending Mother’s day gifts and cards to their mother.

To the World you are a mother,

but to your family you are the World…

Having said that mother’s day was celebrated at G D Goenka Public School Junior Model town by our little Goenkans  on 06th May 2022 i.e. Friday. Discussion about the beautiful bond of love, care and affection that a mother shares with her children no matter how old they grow was taken up. Children prepared a take away craft for their beloved mother and enjoyed reciting a rhyme on this special day.

All in all children were really happy to celebrate this day and expressed their love for their mother in words with their peers.


A role play on transport was taken up by the teachers of grade Nursery and KG.

It started with a conversation between a mother and daughter, followed by a role play on various means of transport.

The session was very interactive and the students thoroughly understood the various modes of transport.

The safety measures to be taken while using different means of transport were also discussed.

In the end the dance on the song karadi tales – chai chai coffee coffee added to the excitement of the students.

Basant Panchami

“Spring is in the air, Flowers blossom everywhere.”

Butterflies fluttering and a warm breeze softly whispering around’.

Basant Panchami – a festival that marks the preparations for the arrival of spring was celebrated in GD Goenka Public School Model Town on 29th January 2020 (Wednesday) with the students of grade Nursery and KG. The auspicious day started by offering prayer to Goddess Saraswati – goddess of knowledge, music, language and art. Children sang Saraswati Vandana and invoked blessings from the deity. Further, they were enlightened about the significance of the festival, Chandan tikka was applied and yellow rice along with candies were offered as Prasad to all the little Goenkans. It was a propitious day which created a positive vibrant aura all around.


As we match out in the spirit of Brotherhood and Nationhood,

Let us not forget to defend the Colours of our Flag with all we have…”

A special assembly on Republic day was conducted in our school wherein students were explained about the importance and how this national festival is celebrated in our country. They were also told about the Constitution of India which came into effect in 1950 and parade that takes place every year at Rajpath on this day. Students of grade Nursery and KG recited a rhyme and performed on a patriotic song. All in all, it was an interactive assembly. Badges were given as take away craft.