Kindergarten Activities

Activities at a Glance

“All study and no play makes Jack a dull boy” – a famous proverb well entrenched in our minds since childhood.

It is widely accepted that extracurricular activities are the best way of developing an individual’s personality and trimming down mental stress. A child can improve his/ her skills and enhance their confidence level.


Gd Goenka Public School Model Town, Junior wing celebrated thematic class presentation on september month, with great joy and enthusiasm.

The presentation was a creative effort by little Goenkans for Grade Kindergarten where they showcased the concepts taught to them so far.

The purpose of the class presenation was to showcase the efforts of their little stars grooming and blossoming with confidence and shaping into tomorrow’s leader.

Thank you parents for your unstinted support and cooperation. It was an over whelming response. Kudos to our Goenkan Fraternity and team teachers for putting in their best efforts and bringing the best out of them.

The first Newsletter for the academic session was shared with the parents.

Here are few glimpses of the same.

Children are the gifts of God, Lets them fly their thoughts



On the Spot Drawing and Coloring Competition

GD Goenka Public School Model Town organized an On the spot Art Drawing and coloring competition for the students of grade KG on 27.01.2020(Monday). The topic for the competition was My Country – My Pride / Basant Panchami. Children enthusiastically participated in the competition and beautifully showcased their creative hands. It was a treat watching little creative minds portray their perceptions and imagination on the given topics.

Honing Classification

Finding things that are all the same, or alike and grouping them by specific traits and attributes is HONING CLASSIFICATION. Children can compare objects further to learn more specific similarities and difference between objects. This activity was enjoyed by the students. It helps with fine motor development also. Honing classification is a fundamental math skill for students.

Sports Drill

 “Healthy mind stays in a healthy body”. Keeping this in mind, a sports drill was held for Kg grade. The session started with free hand exercise to relax their mind, thereafter, the children were made to understand about the command for “ATTENTION and STAND AT EASE” to re-energize their body. Eventually CONDITIONING DRILL, MASS DRILL and CLAPPING DRILL was taken up to enhance their fine and gross motor skills.


“The bonfire gives you warmth and joys of life. Rewri and gajjak sweeten your relationships. Mongphalli and Til add crispiness to your actions.”

 GD Goenka Public School Model Town celebrated Lohri on 13th January ‘2020 with grade Nursery and KG. The members of the management Committee, were part of the celebration and the children emphasized on the significance of this festival. Inspite of being the first day of school the students were able to showcase their thoughts and ideas very well. Bonfire was lit to offer prayer to Agni and Sun God. The assembly started with the choir followed by the importance of Lohri. The folk song “Sunder Mundriye” was beautifully sung by the children. The celebration was followed by a Parikrama by all the children around the bonfire and took prashad (rewri, popcorn, peanut) as a take away.


The process of germination was introduced to students through story of a seed, wherein students were told that how a seed grows with the help of sunlight, water, air and nutrients from soil. Vocabulary words like seedling, sapling, roots, young plant etc. were introduced. The role play of a seed growing into a plant was done with students to make the concept clear which was followed by a rhyme session.

Day and Night

Why does moon appear in the night? Where does the sun go at night? To quench the curiosity of our young Goenkans, an interactive session between children and the teacher was conducted to clear the concept of day and night. Miniature model of Earth and a torch light were used to display, the movement of Earth that causes “Rotation”.

Children were also involved in sorting the objects seen during day and night as recapitulation.


The area was turned into a beach set up with all the real objects. Children were being encouraged to make sound castle using shovels of spade. They enjoyed doing this activity of had a better understanding related to the concept.

Plants absorb water

Experiment was done wherein it was observed that plants absorb water. Plants absorb water through their entire surface – roots, stems and leaves. Cabbage leaves were kept in the coloured water (yellow) overnight and was observed that leaves changed its colour.