Nursery Activities

Activities at a Glance

“All study and no play makes Jack a dull boy” – a famous proverb well entrenched in our minds since childhood.

It is widely accepted that extracurricular activities are the best way of developing an individual’s personality and trimming down mental stress. A child can improve his/ her skills and enhance their confidence level.


Gd Goenka Public School Model Town, Junior wing celebrated thematic class presentation on september month , with great joy and enthusiasm.

The presentation was a creative effort by little Goenkans for Grade Nursery where they showcased the concepts taught to them so far.

The purpose of the class presenation was to showcase the efforts of their little stars grooming and blossoming with confidence and shaping into tomorrow’s leader.

Thank you parents for your unstinted support and cooperation. It was an over whelming response. Kudos to our Goenkan Fraternity and team teachers for putting in their best efforts and bringing the best out of them.

The first Newsletter for the academic session was shared with the parents.

Here are few glimpses of the same.


Role play on Jobs and Professions

Role play activity related to topic Jobs and Professions was taken for Grade nursery, wherein the students enacted and spoke lines on various professions. Students were explained different professions and their importance in the society. Every child spoke about their dreams and what they aspire to become. It was followed by a rhyme on topic Professions.

Creativity at its best

“Art encourages children to think, developing skills and confidence as they grow”.

To unwrap the creativity of the little Goenkans, On the spot Art competition was conducted for grade Nursery. The topic of the competition was “My Country-My Pride / Basant Panchami”. Every little Goenkan showcased their creativity by drawing and colouring different pictures related to the same. The outcome of the competition was overwhelming.

Goenkan Mart

Market Setup

Today one new buddy has joined our letter family that is letter “m”. Say Hi! to your new buddy. To make their learning more effective the concept of letter “m” was taken in the concept room through a Market Setup in which we had one stall with things related to letter ‘m’ like mirror, monkey, mushroom, muffin, mug, money etc. Through this concept the significance of money was also explained to children and they were told that they can purchase the things from the market in return of money.

Day and Night

To introduce the concept of day and night, globe activity was conducted, wherein the students observed the rotation of globe, showing the change in day and night. This change was shown with the help of torch. The Brighter side was observed as day and the other side (darker) was observed as night. The children enjoyed this activity.

This was followed by sorting activity in which students segregated objects related to day and night. Later, children enthusiastically shared their experiences about day and night.

Nest Making

Letter ‘n’ was introduced as a new friend of alphabets with the help of story and flash cards. To make the understanding better ‘nest making activity’ was conducted wherein the students were explained how birds with the help of their beak, make their own nest by collecting dry leaves, twigs, hay and sticks. The little Goenkans enjoyed making nest with these concrete objects. The students were told about the importance of nest. As, it is shelter for birds. Birds lay eggs in the nest and each bird build different types of nest. They can see nest on the top of the tree, sun side of their home or in old houses. It was an enriching and informative activity.

Christmas Celebration

A combined assembly of Nursery Roses and Nursery Violets was conducted for grade Nursery and KG in the basement.

The assembly started with a prayer followed by a skit on the birth of Jesus Christ. The suffering of Jesus’ life story was showcased by little Goenkans though different characters and role play. The skit threw light on how Jesus emerged as a saviour to the people.

Carols were sung by students which added to the joy and fervor of the assembly. After this a dance performance was conducted by the students of nursery grade. At the end of the assembly, the children were able to understand why we celebrate Christmas. 

Fruits and Vegetables

To inculcate the habit of healthy eating, students were introduced with the topic of “Fruits and Vegetables”. Fruits and Vegetables are an important part of our daily diet as they help us to be healthy. Students were shown fruits with no seeds, with one seed, with few seeds and with many seeds. Children enjoyed sorting fruits according to their colour and seeds.

Students were also shown vegetables and were told that there are few vegetables that can be eaten raw and some are eaten after cooking them.

During the school, children were given fruits in fruit time and were asked to identify whether they have seeds or no seed. Similarly during lunch time they were served different vegetables and corn salad to inculcate healthy eating.

After introduction of fruits and vegetables, children were able to understand the difference between fruits and vegetables. Children were engrossed and enjoyed the activity.


Montessori is a method of education based on self directed activity, hands on learning and collaborative play. This method facilitates the child to work with auto corrected material. Montessori activities promote social skills, emotional growth and physical coordination as well as cognitive preparation.

Activity of the week:- 13.01.2020 – 17.01.2020

Name of the Activity:- CARDS AND COUNTERS

The activity of “CARDS AND COUNTERS” was taken up this week, which aims to present quantities and symbols. It aims to distinguish between odd and even and also to prepare children for division.

This activity brings the abstract to concrete, allowing the child to feel the units as they count.


Diwali was celebrated in school wherein children came dressed in traditional attire. Significance of Diwali was discussed, students enjoyed watching performance by their friends. They decorated the candles which was sent as a craft. To inculcate the value of ‘Sharing is caring’, the students shared their snacks with peers.

Letter ‘c’ catch the ball

To understand the concept thoroughly, different activities are structured for the Goenkans. ‘Catch the ball’ activity was organised for letter ‘c’ where children enjoyed catching bud throwing the ball. It also ‘built’ their hand eye coordination, balancing and gross motor skills. Different vocabulary was also introduced with the help of flash cards.


The concept of seasons (winter and summer) was introduced through a story. Children were made familiar with the different things used in different seasons. They enjoyed fun filled activities related to different seasons.

Feely Bag

Children were taught about different sense organs through different activities. Feely bag activity was done in the classes wherein children touched and felt different things with different textures like hard, soft, smooth and rough.

Flameless cooking

Learning while cooking is an example to enhance the skills of the children. Teachers helped children in mixing different ingredients like cucumber, onion and tomato. They were also taught about the nutritional values of the same. They all relished eating the corn salad.