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“All study and no play makes Jack a dull boy” – a famous proverb well entrenched in our minds since childhood. 

It is widely accepted that extracurricular activities are the best way of developing an individual’s personality and trimming down mental stress. A child can improve his/ her skills and enhance their confidence level.

At Goenka, we firmly believe that textual studies are a part of the full development of a child and therefore we provide a spectrum of activities. The main thrust of activities here are planned and executed to promote the holistic development of the students. 

Republic Day Celebration ( Nursery )

Republic day is a day when the entire country is laced in tricolour to commemorate its Independence and convey that India is a nation where ‘Unity in Diversity’ is celebrated . To reiterate this fact and to celebrate the 72nd Republic day ,the teachers of junior wing conducted a series of activities for children through virtual classes. It started with a general discussion on the importance of the Republic Day and then the virtual tour ,where the children learnt various facts about our country and about this day. It was followed by the activity of flameless cooking where the children made a tricolour sandwich . Then they displayed their creativity through the badge making activity, in which they were taught to make tri colour badges . All this helped them to remember the importance of these three colours on this day. The activities helped each child to rejoice the glory of our nation and recognize how eventful this day is for our country. JAI HIND

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Republic Day Celebration ( KG )

The 72nd Republic Day of India was celebrated in GD Goenka Public School, Model town with patriotic zeal and fervor. Amidst the corona pandemic, the school added colors of glory and strength to the pleasant morning of 25th January’21 virtually, amongst the students of Grade KG wherein the teachers initiated the event by recalling the freedom fighters and their sacrifices. Children were also told about the importance of this day emphasizing on the enforcement of the constitution. The students enjoyed watching the virtual tour to India Gate, with a feeling of patriotism in their minds and they sang their hearts out on National Anthem. Making of tri-color sandwiches added to the significance and meaning of the three colors of our National Flag.

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Makar Sankranti Celebration ( KG )

“Let’s come together and celebrate this day of happiness. Let’s fly the kites and touch the skies of happiness.”

E-Makar Sankranti, the season of plenty and prosperity was celebrated by young Goenkans of grade KG on 14th January 2021.

The day began with a meaningful prayer invoking God’s blessings as a part of virtual session. Children were told about the importance of the harvesting festival, it has different names all around the country, it’s a festival celebrated to honour and pay tributes to the Sun God through a virtual video link. Young goenkans participated and shared few lines on the significance of the festival.

The children continued their joy with kai po che activity i.e kite making activity.

Wishing a happy, joyous and prosperous Makar Sankranti to all !!

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Makar Sankranti Celebration ( Nursery )

“Hope the rising Sun of Makar Sankranti fills your life with abundant joy and prosperity.” Discussion about the significance of Makar Sankranti was done through the virtual session.

In which children share their thoughts later, followed by the kite making activity to reiterate the importance of this festival in which each child display their own creativity.

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Lohri celebration and Virtual tour to land of harvest (Punjab)

(Grade –Nursery)

“Let us kill all the negativities of our lives in the fire of Lohri “ Students went on a Virtual tour to the land of harvest (Punjab) during the virtual session. Discussion about the significance of lohri, rhyme followed by dance on lohri songs was done. Kids enjoyed dancing on the beats of dhol. They also learnt to draw Lohri scene in their art files which added to the feel of festivity. It was an informative and enjoyable session for our children.

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Talk Show ( KG )

  Smog an yearly ritual

 “It’s the time to refuse to accept smog as a yearly ritual”

An E-talkshow on the topic smog was conducted with the children of Grade KG wherein the children were made aware about the current scenario of our city Delhi.

The day began with a meaningful prayer, invoking God’s blessings as a part of virtual session then a power point presentation stating the causes, harmful effects and precautions to be taken to avoid smog plague along with certain measures that can be adopted were discussed. Children participated with zeal expressing their views on not burning crackers, trying for car pooling, planting more trees as they give fresh air and keep our environment green.


Fun Friday ( Nursery )

It was a Fun Friday at G.D Goenka Public school, Model Town, students went for a virtual tour to the different places of worship and have learnt about their respective holy books. There after Children did Flameless cooking by making “Manco biscuits pizza bites” and they all enjoyed making the recipe and relished eating it.

Talk show about the Global Pandemic was held wherein our little Goenkans discussed about Covid 19, prevention, safety measures to protect ourselves from it.

Dance session was also conducted. Children loved dancing on diy songs and had a great time during the session.

It was a fun and frolic Friday for our little Goenkans

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My Work Presentation

“‘’There are two gifts we should give our children; one is roots, and the other is wing.”

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Halloween Day Celebration (Grade–Nursery)

May your Jack-O- Lantern burn bright all through the night!

Happy Halloween .Hope it’s the best one yet!

Halloween day was celebrated through the virtual session by our little Goenkans. In which we talked about the importance of Halloween day and trick or treat activity. The children were dressed up as Halloween characters to celebrate the Halloween day, they did the ramp walk in which they display their talent. There was an atmosphere of an enthusiasm and excitement during the virtual session.

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