Kindergarten Activities

Activities at a Glance

“All study and no play makes Jack a dull boy” – a famous proverb well entrenched in our minds since childhood.

It is widely accepted that extracurricular activities are the best way of developing an individual’s personality and trimming down mental stress. A child can improve his/ her skills and enhance their confidence level.


Gd Goenka Public School Model Town, Junior wing celebrated thematic class presentation on september month, with great joy and enthusiasm.

The presentation was a creative effort by little Goenkans for Grade Kindergarten where they showcased the concepts taught to them so far.

The purpose of the class presenation was to showcase the efforts of their little stars grooming and blossoming with confidence and shaping into tomorrow’s leader.

Thank you parents for your unstinted support and cooperation. It was an over whelming response. Kudos to our Goenkan Fraternity and team teachers for putting in their best efforts and bringing the best out of them.

The first Newsletter for the academic session was shared with the parents.

Here are few glimpses of the same.

Halloween Celebration

Ancient people believed that ghosts came back to Earth on Halloween. It is said that spirits of the dead came back to Earth in search of living bodies to repossess the homes where they were live. The celebration of Halloween is therefore associated with the idea of good fortune. To make our little ones aware about Halloween, the kindergarten grade students were engaged with activities typical of Halloween on 31st October 2022.The teachers role played as witches and played trick or treat games with the students. The children enjoyed listening and watching a story on Halloween. They relished making ghost craft as a take away memory on Halloween’s Day.

सब्ज़ियों का बाजार (ACTIVITY)

Vegetable market corner (सब्ज़ियों का बाजार) was set up on 28.10.22 in kindergarten grade as a reinforcement to the topic – अक्षर for Hindi language. It also created a consciousness about the importance of vegetables in regular diet. The students also learned about taste, smell, color and texture of the vegetables. Children understood the importance of washing the fruits before eating or cooking and about the benefit of eating fresh vegetables. It created a positive learning environment wherein the topic was integrated with other subject areas. Students were able to connect this activity to the real-life experience.

आओ कहानी बुने (competition)

 ‘Talent is something rare, beautiful and precious and it must not be allowed to be wasted.’

Storytelling is an art of narrating or unfolding the narratives of a story. Competitions are the best way to build the confidence in children. To enhance creativity and imagination of our young goenkans, competition on topic आओ कहानी बुने was conducted at GD Goenka Public School Model Town Junior for Grade KG on 16th November 2022. Children weaved a story using puppets and props. They built their confidence by presenting the story in front of their friends.

It reflected the efforts of the children and parents put in along with the support of the teachers. The appropriate use of voice modulation and body language enhanced imagination and expressions, creative gestures and facial expression. It was a fun-filled competition.


Science Week

‘Science- it’s like magic but real’

Science is the process of learning about the natural world through observation and experimentation. Through science, children are encouraged to develop their curiosity and make observations. And as they are introduced to science, children begin to develop organized and analytical thinking.
Keeping in view, the importance of science in our daily life, Grade KG of GD Goenka Public School, Junior, celebrated ‘Science week’, wherein different activities were conducted during the week. The objective of this week was not only to inculcate scientific attitude and research mindedness among children but also to create interest in science.
Different activities that were taken up during the week were:

Day 1 (01.08.22)- The first day of the Science week began with a discussion on the need to study Science and to observe what goes around in the environment. Our little Goenkans performed a small experiment on ‘Soluble and Insoluble substances’ and learnt that salt can mix in water whereas, oil and sand do not mix in water.

Day 2 (02.08.22)– Further on the second day of science week, children were amused to see the ‘Walking water’ experiment, wherein they witnessed water flowing from one glass to another, the result of which was a beautiful rainbow.

Day 3 (03.08.22)– On the third day of the science week, our little Goenkans learnt how it rains, through a fun and engaging science experiment called ‘Rain in a Jar’. They enjoyed seeing that as they dropped the colored water into the cloud, the weight of the water forced itself through the cloud to “rain” down into the jar.

Day 4 (04.08.22)– The fourth day was one of it’s kind, where children were amazed to see that static electricity is produced by friction when two objects of different kinds are rubbed together.

Day 5 (05.08.22)– We concluded the science week by taking the children for a nature walk on the last day. It was a peaceful and reflective experience for the children where they were encouraged to observe, notice details and ask questions about the environment.

English Week

‘The English Language is the accretion

And growth of every dialect,

Race and range of time,

And is both the free and

Compacted composition of all.

 As global communication expands throughout the world so does the need for a global language. English language serves this purpose. It plays a great role in our daily life developing the essential skills. The main objective being to enhance language proficiency. It provides good training ground for developing communication skills. An array of activities was conducted to enhance the confidence and competence of the students.

25th July 2022 – Silly Soup

First activity organized was “silly soup game”. This game is a fantastic way to develop speech, listening skills and broaden their vocabulary range. Small chits of High frequency words were mixed up together in a bowl and while mixing they enjoyed singing the silly soup song as well. Students enjoyed identifying the high frequency words written in the chits and tried to frame sentences using the words.

26th July 2022 – Bottle Cap Printing on Cap

On the second day, students enjoyed learning about ‘ap’ family words through flash cards and concrete material. The word family was reiterated and integrated with art & craft wherein bottle cap printing on a cap craft was relished by the students. The activity also helped to enhance fine motor skills of the students.

27th July 2022- Picture Reading

Picture reading for young readers is building blocks that promote literacy, vocabulary skills, sentence structure and story analysis. On third day, students were encouraged to enhance their creative thinking, imagination and intellectual development by sharing their thoughts about different pictures and picture books.

28th July 2022 – Making Sock and Glove Puppet

Puppets can help children to learn rhymes and songs as they imitate the puppet as well. There are a number of motor skills that children can improve through playing with puppets. The fine movement required to wear a puppet helps with dexterity and using fingers to manipulate the puppet improves fine motor coordination. On fourth day, students created their imaginary characters using sock, mittens and gloves using colours. They loved making eyes and face for their puppets.

29th July 2022 – Puppet Show

Puppets provide an essential link between learning and play which makes them wonderful teaching tools. Children naturally invent stories, create settings, develop characters, and utilize expressive dialogue as they play, extending their imaginations further. All this leads to language development. On fifth day, students relished to perform puppet show using various sock and glove puppet.

Summing up, the panorama of interesting and knowledge- filled activities to facilitate the

effective learning and participation of maximum number of students was organized and the purpose of enhancing creative thinking, imagination and literacy skills through English Week was efficacious.

‘Language is to the mind more than light is to the eye’

Children are the gifts of God, Lets them fly their thoughts



On the Spot Drawing and Coloring Competition

GD Goenka Public School Model Town organized an On the spot Art Drawing and coloring competition for the students of grade KG on 27.01.2020(Monday). The topic for the competition was My Country – My Pride / Basant Panchami. Children enthusiastically participated in the competition and beautifully showcased their creative hands. It was a treat watching little creative minds portray their perceptions and imagination on the given topics.

Honing Classification

Finding things that are all the same, or alike and grouping them by specific traits and attributes is HONING CLASSIFICATION. Children can compare objects further to learn more specific similarities and difference between objects. This activity was enjoyed by the students. It helps with fine motor development also. Honing classification is a fundamental math skill for students.

Sports Drill

 “Healthy mind stays in a healthy body”. Keeping this in mind, a sports drill was held for Kg grade. The session started with free hand exercise to relax their mind, thereafter, the children were made to understand about the command for “ATTENTION and STAND AT EASE” to re-energize their body. Eventually CONDITIONING DRILL, MASS DRILL and CLAPPING DRILL was taken up to enhance their fine and gross motor skills.


“The bonfire gives you warmth and joys of life. Rewri and gajjak sweeten your relationships. Mongphalli and Til add crispiness to your actions.”

 GD Goenka Public School Model Town celebrated Lohri on 13th January ‘2020 with grade Nursery and KG. The members of the management Committee, were part of the celebration and the children emphasized on the significance of this festival. Inspite of being the first day of school the students were able to showcase their thoughts and ideas very well. Bonfire was lit to offer prayer to Agni and Sun God. The assembly started with the choir followed by the importance of Lohri. The folk song “Sunder Mundriye” was beautifully sung by the children. The celebration was followed by a Parikrama by all the children around the bonfire and took prashad (rewri, popcorn, peanut) as a take away.


The process of germination was introduced to students through story of a seed, wherein students were told that how a seed grows with the help of sunlight, water, air and nutrients from soil. Vocabulary words like seedling, sapling, roots, young plant etc. were introduced. The role play of a seed growing into a plant was done with students to make the concept clear which was followed by a rhyme session.

Day and Night

Why does moon appear in the night? Where does the sun go at night? To quench the curiosity of our young Goenkans, an interactive session between children and the teacher was conducted to clear the concept of day and night. Miniature model of Earth and a torch light were used to display, the movement of Earth that causes “Rotation”.

Children were also involved in sorting the objects seen during day and night as recapitulation.


The area was turned into a beach set up with all the real objects. Children were being encouraged to make sound castle using shovels of spade. They enjoyed doing this activity of had a better understanding related to the concept.

Plants absorb water

Experiment was done wherein it was observed that plants absorb water. Plants absorb water through their entire surface – roots, stems and leaves. Cabbage leaves were kept in the coloured water (yellow) overnight and was observed that leaves changed its colour.