Resource & Facilities

We at Goenka, provide an active learning environment that encourages every child to achieve his/her potential. We believe that given a holistic, value based education children grow up to be sensitive adults who have the strength to take independent and informed decisions throughout their lives.

Class Room

Each classroom, equipped with Digi board system, is a technology enabled classroom where the classroom teaching is enhanced through the use of technology. Our classrooms are installed with attractive and colourful furniture. A three dimensional mural with scenery depicting special themes decorates an entire wall in each class. These themes range from deep sea life, a beach scene, a farm, a camping site in a forest, to our planetary system and are designed to incorporate the concepts of colours, shapes and seasons.

Activity Room

It is a creative corner comprising of books and puzzles that ignites the spark of learning in the minds of our tiny tots.Reading fosters language and speech development which enables children to develop their love for books. Free play with puzzles improves their concentration and thinking skills. As a result each child develops into a complete individual having the best qualities of head and heart which extends their thinking across multiple patterns of intelligence.

Hues n Shades

Art plays an important role in at most all aspects of education, from creativity to interpretation to discussion to understanding design. Our budding artists are trained to sketch or paint. They are left free to portray their ideas. Use of different mediums of colors is also an inherent part of the regular training. At hues & shades, we encourage our budding artists to reinforce their imagination to create their own colorful world. It is an area that refines the artistic and children can discover their creativity.


It is a dance studio designed to groom the dancing skills of our little masters. Regular dancing enhances child’s flexibility, physical strength and stamina. Dancing makes children gracious, elegant & confident removing their inhibitions to perform on stage.


The use of computers has completely revolutionized the way education is imparted, received, communicated and processed. There is no doubt about the impact of computers in education. With creative e-learning modules, it has become easy for our curious minds to jazz up their knowledge.
The Computer lab at Goenka, is designed to cater to the needs of our gadget savvy wizards.

Splash Pool

A kiddie’s splash pool is an effective and fun-filled way to keep the summer heat away.
Safety of our children is ensured under the supervision of teachers with a splash of love to make swimming an enjoyable experience.


Active children are more likely to mature into physically active adults. Benefits of sport and physical activity include reduced risk of obesity, increased cardiovascular fitness and improved coordination and balance. Keeping this in mind we have set our main focus to sports apart from academics. The sports curriculum is integrated with the concepts like numbers, shape and alphabets along with this a sports person is introduced to children every month and outdoor activities are planned along with it.


ECPD, namely English Communication and Personality Development forms an integral part of our curriculum. These activity based sessions work on developing a child’s individuality and confidence to express himself in English. Children are encouraged to use their existing skills through stage exposure, role plays, Picture Reading, Elocution and much more. ECPD, namely English Communication and Personality Development forms an integral

Safety and Transport

We recognize the requirement of providing conveyance to children staying far away from school. The school owns a fleet of deluxe air-conditioned buses running on CNG. School buses are also equipped with global positioning system. Our fleet of eco-friendly buses goes on to prove that we are equally concerned about the environment our children live in. Besides this the CCTV cameras are installed in every corner of the school as well in the classrooms to provide surveillance.