Activity Calender

Goenkan Pursuits incorporates moral as well as ethical values in children which help in sensitizing their responsibility towards the society and the environment. The feeling of belongingness is inculcated through celebration of distinct festival via special assemblies conducted at the school. All activities are planned keeping in mind a movement from the familiar and known to the unfamiliar and newer concepts. This method of instruction also fosters the development of play-skills and positive peer group interactions and enhances co-operative play.


APRIL 2017

DATE Event Description
 Thursday 13th

Special assembly on Baisakhi Celebration 

Monday 17th to Friday 21st Environment Week
 Thursday 27th Knowing your pets

May 2017

DATE Event Description
 Monday 1st  Summer Coolers for K.G
 Tuesday 2nd Summer Coolers for K.G
 Wednesday 3rd Summer Coolers for Nur   
 Thursday 4th 

Summer Coolers for Nur

Thursday 11th Mother's Day celebration for Nur
Friday 12th Special assembly on Mother's Day and celebration for K.G
Monday 15th Summer Break Begins
Monday 15th to Friday 26th  Summer Camp

June 2017

DATE Event Description
                       Summer Break

July 2017

DATE Event Description
Thursday 6th Workshop on good/bad touch)
Tuesday 11th Outdoor Fun(Nur)
Wednesday 12th Outdoor Fun(K.G)
Saturday 15th  Achievers Day
Monday 17th to Friday 21st Food Festival Week
Friday 28th   Fitness Day

August 2017

DATE Event Description
Friday 4th Special assembly on Rakshabandhan 
Friday 11th Special assembly on Janmashtmi and Independence Day
Wednesday 23rd Smile Day

September 2017

DATE Event Description
Tuesday 5th Teacher's Day
Thursday 14th Excursion for Nur
Friday 15th Excursion for K.G
Thursday 21st Special assembly on International Peace Day
Tuesday 26th Special assembly on Gandhi Jayanti
Wednesday 27th Special assembly on Dusshera

October 2017

DATE Event Description
Wednesday 11th Read-A-Thon (Nur)
Thursday 12th  Read-A-Thon(K.G)
Tuesday 17th Special assembly on Diwali

November 2017

DATE Event Description
Tuesday 14th Special assembly on Children Day
Friday 24th Rhapsody  

December 2017

DATE Event Description
Friday 22nd  Special assembly on Christmas

January 2018

DATE Event Description
Friday 12th Special assembly on Lohri Celebration
Friday 19th Grandparent's Day Celebration(Nur)
Saturday 20th Grandparent's Day Celebration(K.G)
Monday 22nd Special assembly on Basant Panchmi
Thursday 25th Special assembly on Republic Day

February 2018

DATE Event Description
Tuesday 6th

Excusrion for K.G

Wednesday 7th Excusrion for Nur
Thursday 15th Art Mania
Wednesday 28th Holi Celebration

March 2018

DATE Event Description
Thursday 15th  Graduation Day
Saturday 17th  Result for Nursery and K.G