Our Learning Environment

My Classroom: My Small World


The quintessence of educational philosophy is the holistic development of a child, and every element of the learning curriculum supports this goal, including the design of the classroom. Attractive, fascinating, comforting and considerately designed and arranged  class rooms with soft and relaxing hues and uncluttered spaces are a prerequisite for engaging classrooms and they set the stage for calm and focused activity in the learning environment. Each Preschool classroom exudes concord and veneration.


The classrooms are spacious, well lit and air-conditioned. Each room is equipped with hands-on Pre School  and Pre Primary learning materials for Practical Life Exercises, Sensorial Language, Mathematics and Culture. Class sizes are small to ensure optimum learning opportunities for each child and an appropriate amount of individual attention from teachers.


By working in these purposefully designed classrooms, Pre- school and Pre Primary children are encouraged to develop independence, foster social skills, and seek joy in learning. The classroom is brought to life by the Educators by encouraging freedom within limits, and a sense of order. The child, through individual choice, makes use of what the environment offers to develop himself, interacting with the teacher when support and guidance is needed.



“Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination. They open up windows to the world and inspire us to explore and achieve, and contribute to improving our quality of life.”  -Sidney Sheldon


Libraries play a major role in fostering literacy, especially among preschool and pre primary children. To inculcate reading habit in the early years Goenka has a well-equipped library with books on innumerable topics that enhance the learning in the curriculum and encourages interest in a wide variety of topics. To develop a passion for reading that will last a life time, stories are read out to children, participate in Reading Challenges and Campaigns  and they are helped to make story related craft work.

Play Area


Anything you can teach in an indoor classroom can be taught outdoors, often in ways that are more enjoyable for children.” ~ Cathy James


Outdoors offer our toddlers , magical opportunities to play, explore and learn in the natural environment. Outdoor activities for preschoolers are hugely beneficial for their cognitive and physical development. We have designed safe outdoor spaces to promote development of motor skills and active play. Our outdoor play area is equipped with sand pit, colourful play zone with swings and slides etc.. .A play area that deepens child’s investigation into the world around her/him.They love discovering all that nature has to offer, and it’s an ideal place for sensory play too. Children go for nature walk, grow vegetables & herbs and play in the sand pit.

Montessori Lab


The Concept Room  cultivates the unique qualities each child possesses through engaging, meaningful, multi-sensory lessons, activities, and materials. Embedded in our teaching practices are inquiry, wonder, inquisitiveness, discovery, and joy. Children are engaged learners constructing their knowledge and applying it in their lives.

Art Gallery


Art is an indispensable part of education, which helps children with the development of motor skills, language skills, social skills, decision making, risk taking and inventiveness. “A child paints with his brains and not with hands.” The art room in our school is organized, productive and supportive with classroom rules, arrangements and teaching methods which create an environment that encourage students to enjoy and appreciate the visual arts.

Multi- Purpose Hall


Goenka has an expansive Hall, which provides children a learning platform for stage exposure and confidence building… a place to showcase their talent and potential, be it singing, dancing, extempore, role play etc.  Multipurpose hall is also being used to host exhibitions, talks, presentations and school celebrations.

Medical Facility


The school has adequate and upto the mark First Aid Facilities with a nurse on campus and school maintains proper records of Medical Cases with regular meeting with the parents for all updates.

Security System


GDGPS is dedicated towards providing  a safe and secure learning environment for the delightful children entrusted in our care. We are fully equipped with CCTV Surveillance , Firefighting System, Smoke Detectors, Fire Alarm Systems, Round the clock Support Staff and male and lady security guards.  ID cards issued to all students, staff & parents, temporary I Cards for all visitors, Mock Drills to train students for unforeseen circumstances, Workshops by Traffic Police , Delhi Police, Cyber Experts etc are amongst the  various steps taken to ensure students’ safety.



The school has its own vast transport system. The vehicles with trained drivers are air-conditioned enabled with CCTV and GPS tracking system accompanied by teacher and a lady attendant trained in basic first aid.

Computer Lab


Students are provided with well- equipped Computer labs. The students get hands-on experience with the latest technology and software. LCD projects are used for the demonstration, which assist students to have a better comprehension of the concept. Integration of computers in the pre-school classroom is challenging but the results of creative efforts are rewarding. We provide an interesting and approachable environment for children in a Computer classroom. We choose support materials which will contribute to the transfer of concepts into different dimensions and environments.

Music Echelon

Appreciating Rhythm with instruments


Giving children the opportunity to listen to music, play instruments, experiment with sound, and move their bodies is vital in early care environments. We have a child-friendly Music Room well equipped with Cymbals, Egg shakers, Xylophones, Tambourines, Drums, Maracas and Bongos. The Music room is one of the favourite abodes of our children and the Musical learners benefit greatly from this activity. The children learn to discern and distinguish the different sounds and rhythms here.

Dance Stratum  


The Dance room gives the children space to explore their interests in Performing Arts be it classical or contemporary dance. When the children dance, they learn how their bodies can move and they experiment with travelling motions such as walking, sliding and jumping, as well as other movements like twisting, bobbing and bending. Through dance, children learn to coordinate and control their bodies and the movement helps them develop spatial awareness.


Meal Plan


“Investing in Early Childhood Nutrition is a Surefire Strategy. The Returns are incredibly high.”    -Anne M. Mulcahy


The Preschool Meal Menu  is premeditated to provide a wholesome and nutritious diet that ensures the child has boundless energy throughout  the day. Food preferences and Food allergies are considered  while planning the menu. The meal plan offers a variety of tastes to help children grow up into healthy beings, adapting to all food cultures and develop healthy eating habits.

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