Independence Day Celebration

Independence Day Celebration


Carried with Care, coated with pride, dipped in love, fly in glory, Moment of freedom in shade of joy Proud to be an Indian.

जश्न  आज़ादी – Special Assembly by Grade Nursery and Kindergarten

 A special assembly on Independence Day was held on 11.08.23 in GD Goenka Public School Model Town Junior premises wherein students of grade Nursery and Kindergarten exhibited their potential by participating in plethora of performances.

The assembly commenced with the reciting of gayatri mantra and prayer. The little children endeared one and all with their melodious voice and diction. The young Goenkans interpreted various connotations of freedom and depicted the same through theatrical.

The little ones enthralled everyone with their confidence, gait and jig. This was followed by a dance medley based on the theme of Courage, Determination and Patriotism showcased by both the grades. The dance was much appreciated by all evoking a sense of pride and joy of being an Indian. Group song presentation and instrumental music presentation set the nationalist mood.

The spirit of freedom by our forefathers, was celebrated with a lot of zeal and patriotic sentiments. The assembly culminated with National Anthem sung by all the students and teachers

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