Activity 2023-24

Activities at a Glance 2023-24


“All study and no play makes Jack a dull boy” – a famous proverb well entrenched in our minds since childhood.

It is widely accepted that extracurricular activities are the best way of developing an individual’s personality and trimming down mental stress. A child can improve his/ her skills and enhance their confidence level.


Gd Goenka Public School Model Town, Junior wing celebrated thematic class presentation on september month, with great joy and enthusiasm.

The presentation was a creative effort by little Goenkans for Grade Kindergarten where they showcased the concepts taught to them so far.

The purpose of the class presenation was to showcase the efforts of their little stars grooming and blossoming with confidence and shaping into tomorrow’s leader.

Thank you parents for your unstinted support and cooperation. It was an over whelming response. Kudos to our Goenkan Fraternity and team teachers for putting in their best efforts and bringing the best out of them.

The first Newsletter for the academic session was shared with the parents.

Here are few glimpses of the same.





“If children are given the necessary tools to succeed, they will succeed beyond their wildest dreams.”

Rendezvous with moms was held at G D Goenka Public School, Junior Wing on 4th March,2024(MONDAY) by Nursery Violets and Nursery Daffodils. The theme of the event was legacy of love wherein children expressed their love for their families specially their mothers. The day commenced by greeting and welcoming the mothers with tilak and badges. The event started by seeking blessings of the Almighty by reciting Gaytri mantra, God’s love and Ek tu he bharosa followed by welcome dance and introduction by the students. Children recited English and Hindi rhyme to express their feelings for their mothers. A short story enactment on family love was performed by the students. A fun filled conversation was taken up with the audience and short videos of gratitude for their parents were played. The finale dance was performed with grace, poise and love wherein children showed how deeply they love their family followed by heart Race game in which children raced and gave a heart balloon to their mothers and showed their love. The event was concluded by the beautiful dance performances and enactment by the mothers.

Rendezvous with mom


Nursery Tulips and Nursery Orchids


“Mother is the most beautiful blessing given by the God.”

To celebrate the special bond between the mother and the child G D Goenka Public School Junior Organized Rendezvous with Mom to celebrate the legacy of love. The tiny tots of grade nursery enthusiastically showcased their talent in different performances to make their mothers feel happy and special. The event commenced with a soulful prayer to seek blessings from the God followed by the welcome dance performed by the budding dancers of Nursery Tulips. The recitation and the liners by students added to the beauty of the program. The little fitness enthusiast performed yoga asanas to showcase their flexibility, strength, and inner peace. The performances ended with the finale dance performed by the dazzling stars of Nursery Orchids. The highlight of the event was beautiful recitations and mesmerizing dance performance by mothers for their little ones. Both children and mothers created beautiful memories on ‘RENDEZVOUS WITH MOMS’ to be cherished for lifetime.

God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mother’s


With this beautiful thought in mind Rendezvous with moms- the legacy of love was planned by the little Goenkan’s to create a bond of love and beautiful memories to cherish for lifetime. The show rocked with the presence of all the dynamic mommies with their little ones beautifully dressed up as per the Style Savvya theme .We are delighted to see them tapping their feet and nodding their head to the beat of music and enjoying every bit of it .It was a pleasure watching all the mothers reliving their childhood memories, sharing their parenting experiences .They actively participated in all the activities and give stunning performances with their little ones .The programme came to an end with spirited dance movements. The day left an everlasting impression on everyone’s hearts.


Rendezvous with mom


Nursery roses and Marigold


Children’s performance is not just about showcasing their talents; they are about nurturing confidence, fostering creativity, and instilling a sense of accomplishment. Though each step on stage, they learn resilience, teamwork, and the joy of self-Expression, laying the foundation for growth and success in every aspect of life.”

Rendezvous with mom was a heartwarming event organized to celebrate the special bond between mothers and their children. The event saw an enthusiastic participation from the children, who eagerly embraced every opportunity to showcase their talents and adding a vibrant energy to the proceedings.The event commenced with a soulful prayer led by children, expressing gratitude, with folded hands and innocent they invoked blessings for their lovely moms. Following the prayer, the stage came alive with the adorable presence of our little liners with enthusiasm and charm, they delivered heartwarming lines expressing their love and appreciation for their mothers. The event then transitioned into a session of rejuvenating yoga, led by our young yogis. With the grace and poise, they demonstrated various yoga poses showcasing their flexibility, strength and inner peace. Our talented Goenkans took the stage once again to enchant the audience with English and Hindi rhymes. With enthusiasm and bright smiles, they recited rhymes that filled the air with melodies of innocence and joy The Grand finale of the event featured mesmerizing dance performance by or little stars with synchronized moments and radiant energy they dazzled the audience with their captivating chorography.  The highlight of the event was the mesmerizing dance performance by mother and their children with synchronized moments and heartfelt emotions.

Basant Panchami Celebration 

तू स्वर की दाता है

तू ही वर्णो की ज्ञाता

तुझमे ही नवाते शीष

हे शारदे माँ दे अपना आशीष

Basant Panchmi marks the beginning of the spring season. The festival of spring was traditionally celebrated with joy at G D Goenka School, on 14 February 2024 with great devotion. The tiny-tots of Grade Nursery and KG showcased their enthusiasm by depicting their artistic skills through tissue printing and sponge dabbing on Veena craft. A light on the importance of the day was thrown with the help of PowerPoint presentation, videos and corner set up. Children of grade Nursery tapped their feet on Basant Panchami song. Little Goenkans were served with yellow rice as prasad of Goddess Saraswati.  The celebration was commenced with the message to tell the importance of education for a better tomorrow.



“The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.”

An Inter Class Flat Race competition was held at GD Goenka Public School among the children of kg. It was about having fun, being physically active,learning the basics of sports and building co-ordination and motor skills to enable children become better version of themselves. It was a delight to see the excitement with which children challenged themselves to compete with their friends. The budding athletes enthusiastically participated in the races which took place in “3 rounds” and lastly, 3 winners were selected from the entire grade. The children were felicitated during the Republic Day Celebration.


“Making memories that last a lifetime”

Day camps are a great way for kids to have fun, explore, learn new skills, and make new friends in a safe and supportive environment.

A fun day camp was organized at G D Goenka Public School Model Town for students of Grade Nursery and Kindergarten on 16.12.2023, Saturday in the school premises.

Highlights of the day camp were bouncy rides, playpen, swings, tattoo counter, Christmas games, myriad of magic tricks, photo booth corner and many more. These activities not only help children to socialize and make new friends but also helps in their holistic development while having fun with their peers.

Packed with excitement, creativity, and laughter, our day camp compromised a blend of fun, enjoyment and entertainment that will be cherished by all.

‘Christmas Celebration.’


“It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air”

Embracing the spirit of Christmas, a season of joy and unity we at G D Goenka Public School Junior celebrated Christmas with our Goenkans with a lot of zest and zeal. The school premises was adorned with festive decorations, vibrant colours creating a magical atmosphere that reflects the joyous spirit of Christmas. From glittering ornaments to classic wreaths, every corner of the school resonated with the festive vibe.

Our Christmas celebration was not just about decorations; it was time for engaging activities and events that spreads joy and happiness all around. Children enjoyed singing Christmas carols, participated in activities like pin the nose of the snowman, drawing of Christmas scene, take away craft activity, playful snowman says game, pin the nose of the Rudolph, dynamic freeze dance, feed the Santa and photobooth corner.  

All in all, it was a time filled with lots of love, enjoyment and togetherness. So let this festive season be a time of reflection, gratitude, and creating beautiful memories with friends and family.

‘Free the child’s potential and you will transform him into the world.’


GD Goenka Public School, Model Town, Junior organised a week long class presentation  in the month of November, for the budding performers of Grade KG. The event aimed to give them stage exposure in order to build their confidence as in our school, we focus on holistic development of the children.

Little goenkans expressed themselves with confidence and zeal through various performances like dance, songs, rhymes and a short skit. Each group showcased their talent and knowledge on different themes. Children brought the attention towards the environmental issues and moral values in an enthusiastic way. The audience could feel the palpable excitement as the young kids presented an array of entertaining acts. The confidence demonstrated by each child during the presentation was commendable.

Grandparents Day

“Grandparents make the world a little softer, a little kinder and a little warmer.”

GD Goenka Public School Junior organized Grandparents Day on 21.10.2023, Saturday in the school premises to express gratitude for Grandparents. It was a special day for the students of grade Nursery as they shared the day in school with their loving Grandparents. The blooming buds came up with class presentation where in all the students participated with great zest and zeal. Students sang melodious songs, danced on the foot tapping tunes and expressed love and feelings for their Grand Angels. The participation of Grandparents was truly remarkable in different fun games. The little Goenkans and grandparents together created beautiful memories and made the day memorable.

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“Balance between work and play is the key to happy life.” 


Movies are not less instructive and play an important role in our educational formation. As with fables and children’s stories, children’s movies are an excellent tool for educating them. They can be very useful to show children different cultures, teach them values, show them how to think…all in a simple and entertaining way.  A movie time for children of Grade Nursery and Kindergarten was organized on 12th October’2023 (Thursday) by G D Goenka Public School at a movie theatre.

These little ones were filled with enthusiasm, curiosity and

excitement. They enjoyed watching movie, relished having the refreshments and meal with their peers.

A day well spent with full of learning, fun and entertainment!!

खुद वो बदलाव बनिए,
जो दुनिया में आप देखना चाहते हैं।
                                              – महात्मा गाँधी


We are excited to share the joyous celebration of Gandhi Jayanti at G D Goenka Public School Model Town Junior, where young hearts were infused with the teachings and legacy of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of our Nation.

The school commemorated Gandhi Jayanti with a series of engaging and educational activities tailored specifically for our junior students. The goal was to instill in our young learners the values of truth, non-violence, and harmony, epitomized by the great leader, Mahatma Gandhi. Through storytelling, rhymes and visuals, the children were introduced to the ideals and principles Gandhi stood for.

The celebration was an enriching experience for our junior students, providing a platform to learn about the values that shaped our nation. Through creative and educational activities, we hope to inspire the future generations to carry forward the legacy of Mahatma Gandhi and strive for a World rooted in truth and compassion.

Summer Camp Grade-KG


“Summer camp is a great opportunity to explore new things and dive deep into areas you love.”

Summer camp was organized for the young Goenkans in the school premises. The camp aimed at keeping the students engaged and providing them an even platform to explore and express their creativity.

A chain of activities was organized to provide a fun and engaging experience to our young learners which included: Story sessions which fostered listening, understanding skills of children and develop their imagination. Fitness and Health session was also organized to promote healthy lifestyle in children. Various DIY (Do It Yourself) activities were conducted to promote their imagination and put their artistic skills to practice. Dance is the joy of movement and the heart of life. Children enjoyed tapping toes on rhythmic and peppy songs. Movie Time was also organized for our little goenkans wherein they took tickets from the ticket counter and enjoyed a theatre like experience watching their favorite movies. The Exuberant learners zealously participated and showcased their diligence towards each activity. They not only made memories during the camp but also, they were able to try new things, pushed their boundaries and realized self-stuffiness. Our summer camp students truly immersed themselves in the activities and they had an amazing experience.

Summer Camp Grade-Nursery


Happy days are here again,

Time full of fun and joy,

That brings learning and game again.

Summer camp is a fun filled programme for children. GD Goenka Public School Model Town Junior organised the summer camp to engage students in productive activities and to provide an even platform to explore, to express their creativity, to foster social skills and personal growth.

The hand on activities like Yoga, Dance, Montessori, Art and craft (DIY), Storytelling sessions, Aerobics were conducted. The Goenkans truly immersed themselves in activities and had an amazing summer camp.

Earth Day Celebration Grade-KG


“Let every breath, every word and every step make mother earth proud of us.”

Earth day is celebrated around the world as a conscious reminder of how fragile our planet is and how important it is to protect the Earth. A weeklong celebration was held at GD Goenka, Model Town from 17.04.2023 -21.04.2023 wherein students were reminded of the simple doable actions towards safe Mother Earth. Array of creative activities were organized for the KG students with a view to sensitize the children about the conservation of natural resources and to motivate them to do their bit towards making their planet even more beautiful.

DAY 1: Discussion on the importance of protecting our mother Earth was done through story and songs.

DAY 2: Children enjoyed “leaf printing” in the tree with their peers and were encouraged to make some significant contributions to support “Go Green” drive.

DAY 3: “Show and Tell” activity was conducted on the topic “Mother Earth” wherein children participated enthusiastically and expressed their opinions on ways to save the planet Earth.

DAY 4: An assembly was conducted to sensitize children about the various actions that makes Earth happy. They pledged to keep the environment clean and plant more trees.

DAY 5: “Sow a seed” activity was conducted wherein children planted their sapling in the pots. Our little environmentalists from Kg contributed by doing various activities to save the planet.

Earth Day Celebration Grade: Nursery


“Go green and make the Earth a beautiful place to live.”

Earth day is being celebrated around the World to raise awareness about the importance of preserving our Mother Earth. A weeklong celebration was conducted at G D Goenka Public School Model Town Junior from 17th April 2023 to 21st April 2023 to sensitize our little Goenkans about their environment.

Day 1

“We only have one Earth, let’s take care of it” Mother nature always fosters us and never harms us. Children were introduced to our planet Earth through Globe activity (Montessori). This activity helped the students to understand and gain knowledge about the place where we live.

Day 2

“Preserve and cherish the pale blue dot, the only home we’ve ever known” Caring for the environment means doing things that will keep the Earth healthy. Discussion about trees, plants and nature was taken up. Children enjoyed doing leaf printing activity to make a class tree.

Day 3

“A small step makes a big difference” Nature is a precious gift to Earth. She is always nurturing us with all our needs. Children were encouraged to do their bit by taking measures like turning off the lights, saving water, use of dustbin and growing more trees etc.  Finger printing activity in Earth craft was conducted.

Day 4

“What we save, saves us.” A special assembly was conducted for Grade Nursery students with a series of rhymes and activities. They were sensitized towards their duties towards ‘Mother Nature’ and some significant contributions that they can adopt to make the Mother Earth happy. A puppet show was organized by the teachers for our tiny tots to convey the message of keeping the surroundings clean and tidy, followed by an activity which allowed them to choose healthy habits to keep our Mother Earth Happy. The children enjoyed the sing along session of the rhyme “Bits of paper.” The assembly was culminated with the National Anthem and the idea to show kindness towards Mother Earth.  

Day 5

“Go Green to keep this Earth clean” Our continuing efforts in our everyday lives will make this beautiful planet thrive. Keeping this in mind and to make surroundings green, our tiny tots of Grade Nursery did sow a seed activity to create their own Goenkan kitchen garden and took a pledge to nurture it. Children were happy to carry ‘Go Green’ take away head band craft. As the world is going through tough times, let’s pledge together to save this Earth with best practices.