We at GD Goenka strongly believe that “Childhood Education lays the foundation for a lifelong learning”. So, we as their facilitators create an environment that stimulates a child’s overall development. We nurture them to be multitaskers by conducting child oriented and child initiated activities.

Exposure is given to children through activities and workshops which helps them develop their overall personality. Involving them in Dance, Art and Craft and Music makes them aesthetically strong and creative in their own manner.

“All work no play, makes Jack a dull boy.”

Going by the statement, it would not be incorrect to say to that if you want to see a child’s real happiness, set him free to play. We focus on developing a child’s Gross Motor Skill which lay a great base to a stronger, healthier and self- reliant life.

‘Parents’ as their first teachers play a vital role in developing a trustworthy and respectful bond between teachers and students. Hence parent – teacher meetings are held at regular intervals.

We follow a very holistic and integrated approach of developing and blooming a child socially, emotionally and morally. We at GD Goenka assure that this approach proves to be a powerful tool to prepare our future generations with great intellect, ability and sagacity which keeps them ahead of others.